Influenced by modern bands such as Postmodern Jukebox, Tom Waits, Richard Cheese and of course, countless old jazz musicians and crooners of the past, the Gentleman's Club offers a unique, classic spin on modern tunes.  Have you ever heard your favorite Brittany Spears tune played in the style that Cab Calloway would perform it?  How about Fats Domino rocking on AC/DC or Billie Holiday crooning a little Sam Smith?  Well, now is your chance.  MV and the GC is all about vintage, from their authentic vintage clothing, to the style and approach to their songs.  They even incorporate tap dancing and vaudeville elements in their show.

The Gentleman's Club combines world class vocalists with the industry's top musicians to deliver a product that will make you look good for hiring them.  The band regularly performs for concerts and shows, corporate events, weddings and other high end events

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